Stan twitter has been around for many years from the Beyhive to Directioers, but K-pop stans have been crowned the most annoying, toxic, obsessive, and cultish twitter stans. Over the years stan twitter has become a very toxic place of dragging, bullying, and rude malicious comments between fandoms. With some fandoms being constantly blamed for being toxic.

I am going to use Army as an example since most locals and other fandoms know them. This is one of the biggest fandoms in the world. Other fandoms have labelled Army ‘the most toxic fandom” so because of my nosey ass I decided to see if this is true.

Yes. there were some toxic comments, but other fandoms and individuals were not innocent, yes there was some dragging but other fandoms and individuals were not innocent! I came to realise how everything starts, some bored stupid person who thrives at insulting others and not having respect for others would say something about another group and their fans and this then triggers everyone and then fan wars starts and for some reason ARMY are always in the middle, it’s an ongoing cycle that will never end until one of the fandoms decided to not engage…which seems like will never happen.

During my research I have seen how many individuals disguise themselves as stanning a certain group just to start twitter wars for attention and clout (how desperate and sad). Let me not forget about locals who for people who say that don’t like k-pop surely have a lot to say about it, they purposely use fandoms weaknesses against them on platform such as tiktok, twitter. The other day I saw a tiktok making funny of some k-pop fandoms and I laughed because that individual had the TIME AND ENERGY to make a whole ass tiktok about how much she hates k-pop stans…babe go drink some milk and get a life!

Each fandom has a toxic trait and it is usually a hand full of bad apples and not the entire fandom that participates in fan wars or starts them but that does not mean the entire fandom is toxic, for example if there is a family and the father is convicted of killing a woman, is the entire family murders? No, only the father, the same counts for Army and other fandoms, it’s not the entire fandom that is toxic it is only a few people. In fact, most fandoms do a lot of good but obviously we live in a world where the bad overshadows the good and people always remember the bad but don’t acknowledge the good.

For example, the same so called “toxic” fandom are very charitable, as I am typing this they have raised 1+ million Pesos for Cagayan, Pampanga and other places, while you are busy tweeting long threads about how toxic they are they have donated to the BLM initiative, they donated to radio stations during the pandemic so that radio, provided food for medical staff, donated blankets, toys and essentials to children and families in need under the name ARMY. They even raise funds for people within the fandom who cannot afford to buy albums and gift them albums. They have created twitter fan base accounts that help individuals find jobs around the world, they have created accounts that help students with school work.

Let me guess you didn’t know this and to be honest I am not surprised. In today’s world we believe the first thing we read without educating ourselves. Locals believe K-pop artists make trash music and that’s okay that is your own opinion but keep in mind they provided hope and helped for some during their darkest times. K-pop stans need to learn to understand that not everyone will like their favs music and locals need to understand that it is not necessary to trash talk k-pop while some of you listen to ‘Little pimp”

K-pop stans learn to stay in your lane, learn not to engage, learn to give constructive criticism, learn to accept that not everyone will love your favs the way you do. Learn to be respectful make use of the block and report feature provided by twitter.

Before you tweet your clap back think what would your favs say if they read and saw the things that go on stan twitter.



-The by stander


· BTS will be releasing their most anticipated album BE on the 20th NOVEMBER 2020.

· GOT7 will drop their album Breath of love: Last Piece on the 30th NOVEMBER 2020.


I do this cause my brother pays me to hear my honest opinion

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I do this cause my brother pays me to hear my honest opinion